6+ makeup tips for sunken eyes

Deep set eyes have a mysterious quality to them, but they can also tend to look dark naturally. To balance your natural coloring and achieve a more wide-awake look, you just need to rethink the placement of your shadow colors.
The key to bringing your features more forward is to apply light shades more prominently. Don't overwork your crease, or your eye will look even more sunken than it naturally is. P.S. With these tricks, your eyes can even look bigger.
1. Neutralize those shadows (h/t ehowbeauty)
Before you even think about applying color, conceal any darkness on the lid and below it. You can use a light eye shadow, concealer, or even foundation like in this video from ehowbeauty. Just be sure to bring it down to the lash line, including the inner corners.
2. Find your natural crease...then raise it
If you're accustomed to sweeping a dark shadow into your natural crease, this is a game changer. Apply your crease color slightly higher than normal. By doing so, you'll create the illusion of a more prominent lid.
3. Modify your wing with a step
Doing a winged liner on sunken eyes is possible if you modify the way you apply it. Since your crease may interfere with the outer corner, try Teni Panosian's scalloped trick. It's genius!
4. Pop that inner eye with shimmer
Since light colors advance, a touch of shimmer in a light shade really helps the inner corner to look bright. You can also use a bit right under the center of the brow bone.
Fierce League
5. Gently define the lower eye
If you've applied concealer below your eye, you need to bring in a touch of shadow to give your eye more dimension. Try using a mid-toned matte shade to avoid making the eye look heavy.
Fierce League
6. Don't forget mascara (or lashes)
Finish off your look by curling those lashes and applying a few coats of mascara or even some false lashes. They open the eye as a whole and make you look more awake.
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