Rock purple eyeshadow like a pro when you follow these 5 tips

There's something about those purple hues that brings out the fire in even die-hard neutral lovers. It's the color of royalty, and it looks good with every eye color, especially hazel and green.
If it's been a while since you ventured outside the nude eye zone, take heart. Purple is forgiving and can be soft and subtle, or bright and beautiful. No matter what you choose, this is one color that looks great in any season.
1. Stick to the crease
Ease into the purple trend by using a mid-level purple shadow to define your crease.
Fierce League
2. Focus on the outer corner
A little lilac goes a long way, especially if you concentrate the color on the outer corner and deepen it with a touch of black. Here, Denitsa uses a white pencil underneath the color to give it even more intensity.
3. Go soft with a lavender lid
For a subtle wash of color, opt for a pale lavender with a satin finish. Deepen the outer corners slightly, and finish with mascara for a come-hither look. To keep this look understated, skip the liner and tightline instead. Get the full tutorial here.
4. Give metallic liner a try
Go all out on the purple trend with a graphic purple metallic eyeliner. Add (optional) rhinestones for that extra wow factor.
Fierce League
5. Purple goddess party look
Being invited to a party is always exciting, but makeup lovers know it also comes with a lot of stress. What makeup can you wear to attract just the right amount of attention? How much is too much glitter? And how can you put together a look that's achievable at home while still looking professional? Get the full step-by-step instructions and tutorial here.
6. Purple smoky eye
Editorial makeup featuring bright colors is often reserved for print material, like fashion magazines. You have also seen it on the runway. Lately, these vibrant hues are everywhere. If you are tired of nude and neutral shades, this purple smoky-eyed look will make your day. Get the full tutorial here.
7. Glittery party purple
It's party season! If you want your super shiny eye look to be a little more grown-up and elevated, choose to stick to one tone, and go for an uber-glam cut crease that can take your look to the next level. This purple eye style is the perfect jumping-off point for any upcoming party look. Get the full tutorial here.
8. Purple & yellow
Autumn weather means the return of heavier clothing and richer colors. Leaves adopt their royal hues, and makeup trends follow suit. As your summer tan fades, grab a good bronzing powder and fake that sun-kissed glow. While neutrals will always be in fashion, purple, burgundy and gold eye shadow are perfect for a fall holiday. Get the full tutorial here.
9. Hint of purple
Borrow inspiration from the falling leaves. All those golden and copper hues mix beautifully with deep burgundy and purple tones. Combining them with a pair of fluffy false lashes and lots of black liner is a great way to showcase your eyes. The following tutorial will also help you select complementary blush and lip colors to keep the look from being too dramatic. Get the full tutorial here.